Friday, November 16, 2012

Puerto Vallarta here we come!

After a calm night anchored at Stone Island we left for La Cruz (Puerto Vallarta). We have made this trip several times and it’s usually a motor boat ride the entire way. We had the anchor up at 07:30 and set our course to pass outside of Isla Isabel. Going outside of Isabel adds a few miles but gives you a better chance at some sailing breezes and fewer long lines to snag your rudder.

By early afternoon we were getting enough wind to keep the jib full so we shut down the engine and did some sailing! One of the few sailing rules on Slacker is that when boat speed drops below 3 knots the engine comes on. It was on and off all night long as the breeze was kind of fluky. Friday morning the breeze really began to fill in and we were able to sail the final 50 miles to La Cruz. The sail was one of our better ones as witnessed by the photo of our gps. Please note the SOG (speed over ground). Total trip was 188 miles and took 29 hours for an average speed of 6.4 knots. Not bad for an overweight 35 year old boat.

Stone Island

After leaving the marina on Tuesday we had a nice 2 hour sail down to Isla Piedra aka Stone Island.  Its really not an island but is the southern side of the breakwater for Mazatlan's old harbor.  It offers good protection from northely winds and waves and has miles of sandy beaches along with the ever present beach palapas. 

Mazatlan in my rear view mirror

Yep, we finally got out. It wasn’t easy but we did it. Oh, it was easy enough backing out of the slip. The trouble began earlier when we were thinking about all of the good times and good friends (2 & 4 legged) we have  there. We have made Mazatlan our home for 5 seasons and you get comfortable when you stay somewhere that long and it’s hard to say goodbye.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dia de los Muertos

After 1 week in the boat yard we got back in the water just in time to enjoy the Dia de los Muertos march here in old Mazatlan.  Every year we march with the crowd around the center of town, chase the donkey carts and the free Pacifico beer.  The crowds were bigger than ever this year and the costumes much more elaborate.   It is always a fun tradition.

Julie and her sister



One of the little girls watching the people go by

The donkey is checking out the costumes

"more beer!!"

someone got so excited following the beer carts they lost a shoe!

A proud man and his burro

"ME, ME, ME,!!!"