Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gold Coast for now

We have been hanging out on Barra for about a week now to try to figure what is in the wind for Slacker this season. We had planned on going to El Salvador and then Mikes back got out of whack. So we slowed down and hung in Barra, such a great place to meet old and new friends. The marina here has always been one of the most expensive, (and beautiful) in Mexico, around 23.00 per foot per month plus power and water and internet, way beyond a Slacker’s budget. They had a total of 2 boats summer over in the marina last season. They seem to have had a change of heart. Secundino the marina’s manager is offering great deals for the months of May thru Oct. It is about as much as we paid in Marina Mazatlan. And we get full use of the hotel and all its gorgeous amenities. So Slacker has found a home for the time being and we are going to enjoy it!!
The main pool at the Grand Bay Hotel with 2 water slides
the 10th floor pool
the secret dolphin pool
just a place to hang out



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whales in Santiago

We are still here in Santiago and as promised the picture of the whale off our stern, not a great picture and we just caught the baby coming up for a breath but so far this is all we have caught.  We are going to head to Barra in the morning to watch the playoffs on Sunday.  We are looking at some different options for our season and summer storage, we will keep you updated!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunset horn in Barra Lagoon

Mike and his new conch shell horn signaling the end of another day in paradise.
Barra Lagoon 

Santiago Bay

We are here in lovely Santiago Bay just north of Manzanillo.  The weather has been perfect 80 to 85 and water just enough to be cooling.  The water is very clear here and there is so much sea life.  We had a mother humpback whale and her baby swim by the boat two days in a row, they are so close you can smell their breath (Yucky!!). Then they go out and she shows the little one how to fling itself out of the water, looks like they are having a blast!   We have not gotten any pictures cause they seen to be the shy kinda whales and we are the forgetful kinda humans... “Where is the camera?”  “You had it last! “ 
 We will try better tomorrow.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Tenacitita New Year

             We spent New Year’s Eve in Beautiful Tenacatita. 

Looking toward "good dog beach" in Tenacatita
Mike cleaning the bottom and rudder

We had 2 days of heavy rain and wind then just like that the rain withdrew and we got a great rainbow over La Manzanilla.

  The next days were just picture perfect and gorgeous, Filled with bocce on the beach and beers in the palapa.

 We hired a panga to take 12 of us to La Manzanilla for a day of provisioning, looking at the crocs and lunch on the beach.  The crocs were bigger and there were more than we have ever seen.  In typical mexican fashion there is a very crummy chainlink fence separating you from the crocs.  Bob, Deanna and Patches(a rat terrier) were with us and one of the ladies said to take the dog away because she has seen the croc go under the fence to get a dog!  Needless to say we did not get any pictures with Patches and the crocs


 Mike got his Christmas present late this year; it is a conch shell that has been modified to blow a beautifiul bass note to signal sundown