Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The ups and downs of cruising

   We were supposed to be hauled for bottom paint Monday morning. Up in the boat yard 6 feet in the air, climbing up and down a ladder to get in the boat, no water, no cooking and no head, for about 1week. I was not looking forward to it.   But Monday the travel lift broke down. 

UP-We were not in the slings when it broke.
DOWN-We don't know when it will be fixed.
UP-We are not the first boat in line to test the repaired lift. 
So goes the cruising life!    

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 1 in Mazatlan

     We arrived on Friday the 12th safe and sound after a truly uneventful drive to Mazatlan. Again the truck was loaded to the gills and we a got green light. The border crossing gods seem to be in our  favor. The weather is hot and humid but after driving all over Texas the week before I think we adjusted pretty well. We did see what looked like a funnel cloud over one of the Condo buildings the other evening but we just got a ton of rain that night.
funnel cloud over the marina

Mike getting the engine ready to start.

Dock 6 Kitty is still here and is awaiting the arrival of her fellow dock mates

The outboard with her Mexico shirt on 

sunset over the marina

       The Marina is empty of people Dock 6 is full of boats just waiting for their owners to get back from their summers away! The Marina office is very quiet without Elvira there, the new ladies seem to be doing OK but we sure miss Elvira and all the great things she did for "all her Cruisers". 
The boat came through the summer great thanks again to Ruben for taking such good care of her. The engine fired up on the first try. Yeah!!  

We are trying to settle in to the heat and getting used to boat life again.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slackers go to Texas

      Before our drive down to the the boat, Mike and I took a little trip to Texas for Mike's nephew's wedding. We flew into Dallas and spent some time with his mom and on to Austin for some fun before the wedding on Saturday.  We stayed at the lovely Hotel San Jose right in downtown Austin so everything was in walking distance.




What a great town.  If you want to eat,drink,and listen to some great music this is the place to be!!  We toured around and saw the oldest pool in Texas called "The Big Eddy"  Where they used to have a show with a diving horse! 

loved the name of this truck

Austin is such a fun place to visit and the food and music are fantasic. There are food trucks parked on just about every corner and bands too!!
After 2 nights in Austin we spent 2 more nights in a beautiful house with 3 other couples on the river just outside of Wimberly, Tx.  The wedding was a few miles away at a ranch and the ceremony was held under a beautiful grove of live oak trees.


the barn where the band played until all hours of the night!! 
There was a rehersal dinner at the ranch  as well and Mikes brother Gary played along with Max on the saw and and Paul on the trash can

Gary in the guitar,Paul in the trash can drum< and Max on the saw
Gary and Daphne made wedding cups for all the guests. They were gorgeous!!
They are both professional potters and do beautiful work, check out their web site

The wedding was beautiful! Everyone got "poodled up"
and had a great time.
Gary, Phillip, and Mike 

Gary and Daphne

Julie and Mike

Meagan and her Dad
Mike and his sister Chris

  The party went way into the night with live music and more food!! 
the pizza truck for dinner

and the make your own ice cream sandwiches for dessert!!