Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just another day in Paradise!

One of the resident puffers here in the Marina

    We had a beach day Friday to Bocas de Iguana,  we ate lunch in a lovely hotel right on the water in a place we normally can not get to when we are cruising.  We had the same cast of characters from Windward Bound and Mija.  The inspiration and knowledge of the place came from Chris and Lorry from Hiolani.  
Just a perfect place to relax and enjoy the water
Hanging out by the pool

the bar and pool area

One of the coolest things we have seen down here is Hiolani's Woody! Not just a woody but the entire car was handmade by Chris on a Datsun pickup truck chassis
So fun
Chris and Lorry and their wood car

Better varnish than most boats

  The group then went to dinner at Scoobys in Melaque and had great ribs and tacos.  Unfortunately Brisa had to stay in the car
Brisa wants to drive next time!
No desert fot us!

Friday, October 11, 2013

First night in Barra

    So after 1750 miles and 4 days of driving we made it to Barra de Navidad. The boat made the summer OK a little more mold than in past years but they have much more rain here. We got to spend the night in Mazatlan with Mike and Leilani of Lanikai and had a great visit, they are perfect hosts and made the stop much more fun. When we got to Barra we stayed for a couple of days with Jim and Susan of Windward Bound and again we lucked out with perfect hosts and great company! The first night we spent on the boat Terri and Eric of Mija said come with us and we are going to watch a turtle release. They were going to pick up a couple of people in Colimilla, one of the guards here at the marina and his family. Well the family ended up being  most of the town and we got BOARDED!

So off we go with a truck full of as many kids that can fit in the back of the truck with most our boat stuff that had not made it to the boat, to go release turtles
A Great time  was had by all !!!
the grids they set up to keep track of the nests
Turtles coming out of the nest   

the date of the laying of the eggs, how many,  and the possible hatch date


watching the turtles
they have dug a long way up thru the sand. 
Turtles in a bucket
the gentle hand off to set them swimming
a little crawling both for humans and turtles

their first taste of the water
" I have a bucket of turtles"

 Video to follow!
Mike & Julie

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Season 2013-2014

     Well it is the first week in October, and the crew of Slacker is getting prepped to get down south. The storage unit is full and the truck is soon to be.

a 2 bedroom apt. stuffed into a 10x10 storage unit! 

     We had a great summer filled with the Brubaker Bocce ball Tournament,  
the competition was fierce!

Judy, Craig, Lynne and Smitty   

Chris B explains the rules

the all important drawing for teams

Gina and Steve  

Mom helping everyone settled 

Lynne checking to see when she plays

The peanut gallery looks on!

Linda and Claire

Racing Ducks...
"Not me!"    "You!"  

and even some racing horses...

View from the secret 6 1/2 floor

The Harry F "Bud" Brubaker race 2013


a very full truck