Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Road Trip Day 1 Wednesday (the path less traveled)

       We have been planning a road trip to the interior of Mexico for some time now and leaving the boat in Barra de Navidad gave us the perfect opportunity to do it. 
For weeks Julie had been planning our stops and driving routes and our dock neighbors from Mazatlan, Bob and Deanna who live in Patzcuaro and had invited us to stay with them for our first stop. 
So on Wednesday we headed out of Barra at first light.  Two hours up to Colima and then a right to ?
All was well until ? where we should of gone straight but somehow ended up heading south.  How did a couple of savvy mariners make such an error?  Well in our defense it was raining and we couldn’t see the sun and road signs in Mexico can be lacking.  Passing thru several small towns Julie kept saying “I don’t see this one on the map” My reply was that it was a really small town and probably didn’t make the cut for the map.
At one point we saw a sign for Morelia which is just East of Patzcuaro.  Yea!  I knew we weren’t lost.  Well, the sign that said Morelia this way was like being in San Diego and driving to Los Angles via Phoenix.  You could get there but it sure wasn’t the shortest way. 
Anyway, it was only about 70 miles out of the way, the drive was beautiful and we saw some wonderful scenery.  We got to Patzcuaro before dark and were welcomed into Bob & Deanna’s beautiful house in the Centro of this lovely colonial town.

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